Monday, November 2, 2009

Harvest Festival

Our church has a Harvest Festival every year on October 31, for our community.
We had about 1700 people this year. Many of the community that I talked to said they do not
take their children out door to door, the kids would rather come to the festival. We have small
booths for them to play games and win candy (what else would you win on the 31). We
really but a lot of work in to this festival, but it's always worth it.
We usually have the Western theme, so my son and daughter try to dress accordingly.
I had to take pictures of them, they are such good looking kids.

His new riding boots.

Jennifer is so pretty!

Look at the cute hairdo! She is so talented.
She does her hair in so many different ways.

Loving the gold thrift store boots. I really think they are cute...
they kinda grow on you... but you can't beat $1.50. And
she's had them for a couple of years now I think.

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