Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Whit's Birthday Cake

Jennifer made Whit's birthday cake. The cake is frosted with buttercream frosting,
and the decorations are fondant (homemade fondant).
She's doing great! I think, as I have said before "Jenn has
found her creative art side in cake decorating.

Just one more great job Jenn!

While my sons girlfriend was out visiting this last week I threw her a early birthday party
since I won't be with her on her birthday. I made this quilt for her. She was so surprised about that party and she just loved her quilt. As you can tell her favorite colors are black, white and red.

I had so much fun doing this quilt, I'm ready to do another one.
I'll just have to go shopping for more fabric. How fun is that!

What color combinations should I use, there's
just to many to pick from. I'll have to think of someone in the
family or a friend I have'nt given a quilt to and go from there.

I just love to see the faces of loved ones and
friends when they open their quilts!

My daughter is doing great in her cake decorating class.
This is her clown cake. I think she did a fabulous job.
I'll let you look at the pictures and decide for yourself.
I took pictures from differt sides of the cake, so enjoy !

Great job Jennifer!

Baby Gifts

More baby gifts for my friend Leaya's baby boy. She is ready at any time to have him. I'm so happy for them, after 3 girls she is now having a boy. at the baby shower she would open a gift
and say "and it's not pink". I thought she was so cute. She got a little emotional a couple a times.
Her girls a beautiful and she's a great mom. I know they are going to help in the spoiling process of their new brother.
A simple fleece blanket I made for the little guy.
I just fell in love with the froggy.

And I had to try my hand at an "I SPY Bag".