Friday, March 26, 2010

Jennifer's First Baby Cake

Jennifer, my daughter has found her creative talent. She has always loved to bake.
As a young girl, when she would bake cookies they all come out the same size, her cakes
and other wonderful desserts would always be bakery perfect. Yes! she had to have it perfect.
So when she was asked to make this cake for a baby shower
(which she's never decorated a cake to this extent) I told her sure go for it.
I knew she could do it. Now she is going to take some cake decorating classes
to find out the techniques so it doesn't take two days to make and decorate a cake.
She made her own fondant, and colored it. I was told it tasted very good, I'm
not a fondant girl, just give me frosting. So I'm very proud of you Jenn, you can do this.
I believe in you, because whatever you set your mind to do you will do it.
Have fun in your classes!

Her cupcakes were so yummy!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My First Baby Shoes

My very first pair of baby shoes are for Leaya's baby boy. Hope they don't look to girlie.
I think they should be okay for an infant, but they go with the little outfit I bought him.

See that cute little froggie...isn't he just adorable.
So I picked fabric to go with the blue and green on his little overalls.
I think he will be so cute in his little outfit.

I even got some froggie fleece I am going to make a blanket.
I will post more on the blanket later.
Got get back to the sewing machine.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dresden Plate Quilt

I thought I would share my new quilt project I'm working on.
This is the fabric I started with. Using this ruler, I used a friends since June Taylor no longer is making this ruler. Oh! how I wish I could get a hold of one of these. I have search the web, ebay and everything in between, and just can not find this ruler. Anyway enough of that...I cut my fabric plates with this ruler.
Each and every one of your plates come out so different.
They look a lot like kaleidoscopes.

I'm having a lot of fun sewing this quilt up.
Each step makes the quilt look so different as it starts
to take shape.

My son has put his claim on this one.
I'll be posting more about my quilt as I get other steps done.

Thanks for stopping by.
If you have any info. about where I could get one of
these Dresden Express 12 rulers please let me know.
Have a great day! ~Cindy

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jennifer's Cake

This is my beautiful daughter Jennifer. We are already for the party...
she's finishing up making the coffee. I don't drink coffee, but I've been told
she makes the best coffee. I think she gets that from her grandmother... my mom.
Nice and strong!

She's been decorating cakes and cupcakes so she made and decorated her own bithday cake.
I was kinda pushed out of the kitchen.
I think they turned out great. She loves bright and lively colors... goes with her bight personality.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Daughter's Birthday

Jennifer, Happy Birthday!
You are a very beautiful person... in more ways than one.
I am so proud of what you. You are always thinking of others,
and making people laugh - a least smile,
you just make their day.
You bring sunshine in a room with your smile.
P.S. How and when did you grow up so fast?
I remember the pitter-patter of
your little feet, your cute little laugh.
Oh! and do you remember your
peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches...everyday!
You have become not just
my daughter, but my friend.
I love you!
Hope you had a great day today.