Friday, October 23, 2009

30th Anniversary Memories

My husband and I celebrated our 30th Anniversary on the 20th of October.
I was so sick... my wonderful daughter made us dinner.
We had Cajun Chicken Alfredo and Cheese Toast, she forgot the salad, but hey! she even made us a cake from scratch, no cake mix from a box. Dinner was so good.
Especially since I didn't have to make it.
My husband brought me these beautiful carnations.
Wow! was he being thoughtful or what.
We will celebrate in style when I start filling better.
In June of 2010 we are going on an Alaskain cruise.
This will be our first cruise,
so we're looking foward to it. We will be going with
some friends and my brother and his wife,
which are celebrating 25 years of marriage.

My sweet daughter also made us this beautiful card.
She is so thoughtful.

We had a very nice evening...

Thank you so much Jennifer for thinking about
mom and dad on our special day,
when I was so bummed out for being so sick
I couldn't even think straight.
I sure won't forget this Anniversary.


1 comment:

  1. Happy anniversary! We just celebrated our 30th too.

    How sweet was your daughter for taking such good care of you?!

    Hope you re feeling better and no one else gets sick.

    Take care :)

    btw... I am having a Halloween giveaway that ends on Sunday.