Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Birthday Tea

It's a beautiful autumn day here in Southern California.
And it's my Birthday!
I'm celebrating with a Birthday tea. I'd just love it if you
joined me in the garden.
It's very nice out here in the garden on this autumn day.
Have a seat, and stay awhile.

I have on the menu...
an assortment of tea sandwiches
and tortilla roll-ups...

petit fours, I think they are so cute, and...

cupcakes in teacups, aren't they so pretty.

There's no rush, but before you leave, take you favor.

I hope you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for stopping by.

Don't you just love a good cuppa tea!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday! I so enjoyed myself at your birthday tea. Thanks for the invitation. Love each of these little treats from the delicious tea sandwiches and tortilla roll ups to the dreamy petit fours, to the clever cupcake in a tea cup, to the thoughtful favor. This was a delightful party!