Friday, October 23, 2009

I am going to share with you today a quick napkin ring
craft I do for many of my tablescapes.
You can do this with items you already have at home.
You will need a couple of empty toilet paper rolls
(that will make 6 napkin rings) -
wide ribbon about 1 1/2 inches wide - tacky glue or hot glue -
and item of theme to glue on ring, such as:
I have used wooded hearts for valentines,
small christmas ornaments for christmas,
and printed out pictures as I will be using today.
First I selected my pumpkin picture with my
print master program for todays project,
sized the pumpkins to my liking,
copy how many I would need...
and printed out my page on card stock.

Then I cut out my pumpkins...

cut the toilet paper rolls into thirds...

glued on the ribbon that I chose for the project...

and then I glued on the pumpkin (I had printed out
on card stock paper), where the ribbon meets to
cover the seam...

after it dries I slipped it on the napkin and...


a very nice napkin ring.
Hope you will use this craft for some of your tablescapes.

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  1. Very clever idea and good for the budget. I used to make cord storage covers out of paper towel rolls cut to about 5-6" and covered with scrap fabric.

    I have one covering the detachable electric knife cord. I use the knife two or three times. That cover is 20 yrs. old... or more!