Friday, March 26, 2010

Jennifer's First Baby Cake

Jennifer, my daughter has found her creative talent. She has always loved to bake.
As a young girl, when she would bake cookies they all come out the same size, her cakes
and other wonderful desserts would always be bakery perfect. Yes! she had to have it perfect.
So when she was asked to make this cake for a baby shower
(which she's never decorated a cake to this extent) I told her sure go for it.
I knew she could do it. Now she is going to take some cake decorating classes
to find out the techniques so it doesn't take two days to make and decorate a cake.
She made her own fondant, and colored it. I was told it tasted very good, I'm
not a fondant girl, just give me frosting. So I'm very proud of you Jenn, you can do this.
I believe in you, because whatever you set your mind to do you will do it.
Have fun in your classes!

Her cupcakes were so yummy!

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  1. Oh my goodness, the cake and cupcakes are absolutely adorable! I can do pastry but the cake thing eludes me. They are always a fright, but I can eat them regardless of how they look. I too love tea parties and if I had the space I would dedicate one room to tiny chairs and table, cupboards for my collection of childrens tea sets, etc., etc., and have tea parties daily.
    I love your blog!