Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oak Glen

On Monday my daughter and I went up to Oak Glen above Yucaipa, CA.
Oak Glen is one of Southern Californias most scenic spots. The cool mile-high climate provides a beautiful change of seasons, unsurpassed in the area. Apple orchards cover the slops laden with blossoms in the Spring and apples in the Fall. The scenery is more like New England and only about 30 miles from us here in Rialto, CA. In the Fall you can visit the different orchards, taste fresh apples and cider, enjoy hot apple pie at one of the several family restaurants, feed animals in the animal park, or browse through some of the many specialty shops. Some farms and ranchers offer U-Pick apples, U-Pick berries (raspberries or blackberries), U-Press cider and country music, dinner and hay-rides. You can visit the one-room school house and take a nature walk. But today Jennifer and I just wanted to take a ride after that long week of rain, which being a California girl I am not used to being in the house that long... we had a little bit of cabin fever... so we went for a ride and it was beautiful. Most establishments were not open due to the snow they got, but went had lunch and some apple pie and ice cream. Yummy! Here are a few pics my daughter took on our way up.

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