Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Tablescape is in the the backyard, on the patio.
I have been collecting for this one for awhile.
And since August is usally hot here in Southern California
I thought a beachscape was the the thing to cool things down a bit.
I just thought this can covers were so cute... and
since we don't drink, I used them for our diet Coke.

I had this idea of some child size sun glasses for
the napkin rings and could not find them. Then I was
at "Alin Party Supplies" (for mom and dad's 50th Anniversary Party)
yes I have been busy... (that a up coming post)... and found these adorable sun glasses
for only .50 each. I bought several pairs, all in different colors.

Another pair of those adorable sun glasses.

I have a beach ball I wanted to use in my centerpiece, but
I could not get that thing blown up. All the men were at
work and so I gave up...

Found these cute plates at the ".99 Cent Only Store".
I just couldn't pass them up... yes I bought several.

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  1. I am in love with your diet coke holders! Too cute and festive!